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Founded in 1992, Sephardic Heritage Alliance, Inc., has since its inception been dedicated to support of Persian Jewish families' and individuals' preservation of our proud three-millennial cultural heritage; obtaining educations,  whilst embracing positive acculturation in the United States. SHAI’s founders anticipated that the post-Iranian-Revolution Persian Jewish community in New York would grow and flourish, necessitating SHAI’s support in its transitions.

26 years later, the SHAI organization effectively serves as a Jewish Community Center without walls. Funded by donor generosity, boasting a thriving and active volunteer Board, SHAI helps the Persian Jewish community and our neighbors in innumerable ways:

SHAI proudly

  • Supports senior citizens' health and wellness as the largest not-for-profit sponsor of the Town of North Hempstead Senior Social Center;
  • Awards in total confidentiality need-based scholarships to enable deserving students to pursue higher education, with over $2 million awarded to date;
  • Engages Persian Jews of all ages in multiple Youth, Young Families, Young Professionals, Star Singles, and Seniors events;
  • Subsidizes a Summer Youth Day Camp and Teen Leadership Program;
  • Partners with local institutions, such as Schools, Synagogues, Libraries, Park District, and the Town of North Hempstead to educate and support the community;
  • Awards Merit Scholarships every two years in memory of the legacy of esteemed members of our community.

With minimal overhead and maximal donor and volunteer dedication, SHAI accomplishes all these and more because we are committed to preserving the best of Persian Jewish culture while continually laying the groundwork for positive acculturation for the next generation of Persian Jewish Americans.

so we may continue to support the community!