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2019 Summer Camp


2018 Teen Leadership Update

SHAI Teen Leaderhip Program continues to provide one of the most effective platforms for connecting Great Neck Persian youth to their Jewish heritage as well as to one another. With an array of sports and fitness activities, rewarding weekly trips to popular sites, a strong daily minyan, delivered at low cost due to SHAI's generous support, SHAI Teen Leadership Program provides the optimal environment for a healthy, beneficial, Jewish summer experience. Supplying these tools, SHAI Sephardic Day camp is mentored by our Teen Leaders, enabling our youth to excel in valuable skills to catapult determined campers to success in all walks of life.

The SHAI Teen Leadership program consists of 45 teens from our community. For the last four weeks, teenage boys attended the synagogue morning minyan where they learned all aspects of the morning service. Afterward, they share breakfast and treats. Every afternoon the teens engage in sports and tournamens in basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Ping Pong, soccer, kickball, badminton, football, volleyball, etc. The teen leaders also participate in chesed and fundraising, whether by dedicating proceeds of a lemonade stand or car wash to FIDF or visiting our elderly matriarchs and patriarchs at the SHAI and Town of North Hempstead Social Center.

Following a daily hot kosher lunch, the teens also have an opportunity to go on weekly trips to arcades, indoor and outdoor attractions, etc.

Some of our leaders observed:

"This camp provides the opportunity to daven, socialize, and to take leadership within the community as well" Ariel M.

"Without this camp I would be stuck at home alone doing nothing, probably just playing video games. This camp gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my friends while doing fun activities with them. I am thankful to SHAI and the camp for the opportunity." Jacob A

SHAI's Teen Leadership Program is a youth summer camp that was initiated during the summer of 2013 with two dozen participants. The program is designed for use by thirteen and fourteen year olds as a fun and educational summer program based in Great Neck NY.

Directed and organized by Rabbi Yamin Levy, this program operates from within Beth Hadassah synagogue’s summer camp.  For six weeks during the summer months, the camp participants learn the values of community and charitable work while enjoying various fun and interesting activities. Each week the teens visit the Great Neck Senior Center and engage in activities with our seniors. Once a week they partake in recreational trips such as paint balling, rock climbing, trips to the beach, water parks and the like.

During the summer of 2015, due to overwhelming demand, SHAI doubled the size of the camp participants from 25 to 50 youngsters.

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